Are you struggling to know what it means to network in a job search? You’re not alone! Networking has two parts: leveraging your current relationships and building new ones. Current relationships will always be more effective at actually producing job leads or referrals. But if you come up dry from that method, start expanding your network and reaching out to new people.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for networking and connecting with recruiters online. Here is some basic dialogue that can get you started. Use this dialogue as a template for emails and InMails on LinkedIn. Personalize it to sound like you and modify it to your situation.

Sample Message For Someone That You Know At a Company of Interest

Hi (Name),

I hope all is well!  I wanted to let you know that I recently applied for the Marketing Director role at XYZ Company. I have seven years of prior experience with digital marketing strategies and content creation. I also have a strong interest in non-profit industry, so I think it would be a great fit.

I would really appreciate anything you can do to help get my resume to the right place or any advice you have for me to get my foot in the door.

Thank you so much!

Sample Message When You Don’t Know The Person (Cold Email)

Hi [Name],

I am reaching out to introduce myself and express my interest in the Marketing Director role which I applied for on January 4th. I am a Marketing and Communication Professional with prior experience in digital marketing strategies and content creation. After reading the job description, I am confident that my prior experience will make me a great asset to the team.

I’ve attached my resume and hope to have the opportunity to learn more about the role and share my background. 

Thank you!

Now, that wasn’t so hard was it? Start building new relationships now and it will pay off down the road. Not everyone that you contact will reply, but that’s okay. All you need is one good connection, right?
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