LinkedIn has changed again! They've released a tool that job seekers can use to learn if hiring managers and recruiters are finding you in searches. I talk a lot in my coaching sessions about how to improve your profile search rankings, so when I heard about this new feature, I wanted to share it with you!

The "Search Appearances" tool, located just below your summary on the right side, can be used to see what types of searches you are showing up in. It tells you what organization the person who is searching works for and their title. This can be valuable information for a job seeker!

Hiring managers or recruiters are looking for people like you and they often search for candidates on LinkedIn who fit their skill requirements. Sometimes these opportunities are not advertised yet, giving you an opportunity to tap into the hidden job market. Look at the companies that you are showing up in searches for and see if they are in your target audience. If not, you may want to make some profile adjustments.

Here's One More Tip: Go to "Who's Viewed Your Profile" and connect with any hiring managers or recruiters that have viewed your profile. They obviously saw something of interest, so find out what it was!
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