According to LinkedIn themselves, once a recruiter is on your profile, the summary is the #1 most-read section. As a job seeker, you cannot afford to go light on this section. I tell clients all the time that your LinkedIn summary is your new cover letter. The traditional cover letter is morphing into what's called an "E-note," which basically just refers to electronic communications such as email and LinkedIn messages.

If you are getting overwhelmed in your search and need to prioritize your time (who doesn't?), then I'd rather you focus your time on your LinkedIn profile than your cover letter.

Let me take the stress out of your writing your summary and share three simple tips. These tips will help you write a KILLER profile without being a professional writer.

  1. Keep it brief. Always remember that the person reading your profile has probably read a ton of them already that day. Be kind and keep it short. That means no more than about two paragraphs is needed. Or even better, one intro paragraph and then move into a bulleted list of your top 6-10 skills. Take these skills right from the job descriptions you are applying for.
  2. Be authentic. LinkedIn is a different platform than your resume. Employers want to see a bit of your personality and style here. They want to learn something about you that isn't on your resume. Therefore when you write your summary, I want you to relax your language and be conversational. Feel free to speak in the first person.
  3. Write a call to action. If you are looking for work, this is the place to put in a call to action for employers, rather than in your headline. At the bottom of your summary, write something like this: "I am open to networking and career opportunities. If your organization is looking for a Senior Financial Analyst to join the team, I'd love to speak with you. I can be reached via LinkedIn or at (insert email address)."

If you aren't a professional writer, it's okay. As long as there are no mechanical errors, feel free to relax your tone and be yourself. But if you would like a pro to write your LinkedIn summary, contact me. My team and I LOVE writing LinkedIn profiles!
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