When I redesigned my program options recently, I wanted to increase the effectiveness of the program for YOU as the job seeker. That means going beyond the resume. By far, my most popular program is the Career Jumpstart. Why? Because it covers every first impression that the employer typically has of you: the resume, the cover letter, and the LinkedIn profile. This is especially true in the modern age of online applications.

You will need all three of these documents at some point in your search. There a few industries where I'd say you don't need a LinkedIn profile, but not most. And yes, I still want you to have a cover letter on hand in case the application asks for it.

So here's something else to consider. Having the same person write all three of your documents gives them a consistent look and tone which makes them even more powerful. If you're going to invest in improving one aspect of the search, go for all of them.

And please don't assume that if you just have a good resume that you can copy and paste it into your LinkedIn profile. This is a common mistake! Doing that is a missed opportunity and not what employers want to see on your profile.

The key to an effective LinkedIn profile is in this little phrase: Consistency without redundancy. They want to see the same person but learn something new about you. That's why allowing us to take care of both items is a more effective approach.

If you are serious about your job search and don't have time to waste, contact me today so you can reap all of the benefits of my Career Jumpstart program. It's a bit more of an investment than just the resume, but WELL worth it, according to clients.

Remember, it's not about what it costs. It's about what it's worth.

What's it worth to you to FINALLY get the job that you deserve and move on with your life?

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