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If you've looked for a job at all in the last few years, you know that the recruiting landscape has changed dramatically. Many people still underestimate the role of social media in their job search though. If you don't have a clean, professional and value-based presence online, it will affect your job search results.

According to research done by JobVite in 2016, over 90% of employers now use social media in some way to screen job candidates before hiring them. This number has increased dramatically in the last ten years. In addition to viewing your profiles, they are also doing basic online searches to see what kind of results your name produces.

Let's take a look at some recent research and see exactly how deeply social media is integrated into your job search.

Social Media Recruiting By The Numbers...

  • 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn
  • 55% of recruiters use Facebook
  • 92% of recruiters are using social media to screen candidates
  • 76% of employers have overlooked a candidate due to their outdated or unprofessional email address
  • 83% of cover letters never get read

That last one wasn't social media related but I threw it in because everyone loves statistics! Plus, the death of the cover letter truly is a byproduct of the onset of social media recruiting, so in a way, it is related.

A Few Other Notes...

Not all social media sites are created equal. In general, LinkedIn is used more heavily for mid and senior level roles, as well as sales positions. Likewise, Facebook is more commonly used for entry-level roles and millennials may find it more worthwhile to spend time on Facebook when networking or conducting their search. Google has even entered the job search arena with Google Careers.

Time and time again, the candidates who go beyond just applying online and work to establish themselves as experts in their field are the ones who get the best results.

What This Means For You

It means cleaning up your online profiles. It means joining and participating in groups, posting relevant articles, starting a blog, and much more. Visibility is the name of the game, folks. Like it or not, social media recruiting is not going anywhere and those who embrace it and use it to their advantage will win.
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