In part one of this series, we laid the foundation for what you really need to focus on in order to convert your interviews into offers (hint: it’s not the resume). Here are the remaining three factors that you need to consider.

  1. Give compelling examples of your past success. I teach my coaching clients the CAR format that easily pulls out accomplishments and keeps your answer focused and on point, eliminating the needs for the interviewer to ask follow up questions. Always be specific and brief and never give generalizations. One specific example is worth a thousand generalizations.

  1. Ask thoughtful questions at the end of the interview. When given the opportunity, always ask the interviewer questions. Ask questions not just for the sake of asking but ones you’d actually want to know the answer to. Remember, authenticity is easily detectable. Not sure what questions to ask? Contact me and we’ll do an interview prep session where I’ll share my arsenal of questions that you should be asking to show interest and engagement and determine if you are a cultural fit.

  1. Determine a plan for follow up. Don’t leave the interview without getting the names and contact information for everyone that you met with. Ask the interviewer what the expected timeline is and when you can expect to hear back. If you don’t hear back, go ahead and follow up one time to see if you can get an update. The goal is to be responsive and show interest, but without being aggressive.

The bottom line is this: You need to demonstrate that you can solve the employer's problems. In order to do that, you must properly research them and practice delivering a confident, authentic solution. The best way to do that is through specific and relevant examples of how you’ve solved similar problems in the past.


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