Finding a new job after being let go can be an intimidating experience. It's natural to feel a range of emotions you get fired. Many people feel frustration and anger towards their previous employer, as well as uncertainty about their future prospects. Having to explain a termination in an interview is difficult, something most people probably aren’t looking forward to doing.

On this topics, the following question came to me recently from a listener of my podcast: “How do I get around answering honestly that I've been fired from a job? I've read all the online answers. They're still too vague.”

Yes, many online answers are vague because the answer really depends on your situation. The best rule of thumb though is to be honest without divulging more than needed. What might that sound like?

Here are a few scenarios:

Poor Performance

"Being let go honestly was a blessing in disguise. Now I have an opportunity to explore jobs that better suit my qualifications and interests. My research suggests that such an opportunity like this one may be a good match."

Poor Relationship with Boss

"My supervisor and I mutually agreed that it wasn't the right role (or company) for me and the right thing to do was move on. Ultimately, leaving was a good thing as I have a lot more clarity now on what I'm looking for and what I have to offer, so I'm glad that I'm here today interviewing for this role."

Personal Problems

"I did encounter some personal problems at the time that prompted my departure, but these problems no longer exist and the time is right for me to find my next opportunity."

These answers are intended to be brief, honest and positive. Remember, unless the interviewer asks you directly, you don't have to offer them the fact that you were fired. After giving one of these short explanations, move right into asking them a question. This keeps the conversation moving and keep you in control of where it goes.

Bonus Tip: Keep your emotions in check and practice the delivery of your answer ahead of time. The more confidence you can display regarding the situation, the better the interviewer will receive the news.

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