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Changing careers can be an overwhelming process. Many people worry that they will have to “start over” and settle for less. Others don’t know exactly what they want to do or what they are good at. I am going to help you gain clarity on your path and prepare you for the career transition process.

 When you think about your current job or lack of one, what feelings come up right now? Are you feeling bored, frustrated or stuck? Maybe unfulfilled, underpaid, or underappreciated. Maybe all of these things. Maybe you’ve had a lot of jobs, but never really found a career. I’ve heard all of these from clients. And the problem is that we get stuck in this mindset and start to believe all of those things. And that’s exactly what prevents us from finding that ideal career.

Step One: Stop Saying “I Don’t Know”. How many times do you say the phrase “I don’t know?”

"I don’t know what I want" or I don't what I’m good at."

"I look for jobs, but sometimes I think I don’t even know what I’m looking for."

Does any of this sound familiar? We get so caught up in saying “I don’t know.” But that’s not true. That was just a story. Saying “I don’t know” is an excuse. We always have the answer to every question. When you keep saying “I don’t know” about something, it reinforces the not knowing and blocks your intuition. No wonder you can’t find the answer.

Step Two: Focus On How This Career Will Make You Feel. I want you to focus only on how you want to feel in your new job. This is the turning point. And you don’t need to know anything about this work other than how it makes you feel. You don’t need to know the job title, the location, the company or anything else. None of that matters but that’s what people get hung up on. You’ve probably been far too attached to those things that it’s actually held you back. It’s kept you from being open to the possibilities. I think you know it’s true deep down that it doesn’t matter what this job is, it just needs to make you happy. So that’s your starting point. Start feeling into this new job. Start visualizing it. Focus on how better your life will be, envision yourself telling people about it and so on. All that matters is that you love what you do. Trust me, that’s all you actually care about.  That’s it! That’s the only requirement.

Step Three: Take Action. You must take massive action to find your next job or a new career. Apply for jobs. Hire a coach. Find a mentor. Set up informational interviews. Update your resume. Apply for more jobs. There are so many actions you can take. And it doesn’t matter if you know which one is right. You’ll correct your course as you go. Get yourself fully engaged in the process, go on interviews, research companies, etc. You can do this. Don’t worry about making it perfect, just get started and then the clarity comes after that. This is where people get hung up. They don’t take action until they think they have everything figured out, they know exactly what job they want and it’s a sure thing and everything’s great. That’s when they feel comfortable taking action. This is completely wrong. Being idle and waiting for things to be “perfect” is the only real mistake or waste of time. Taking action in any direction will help bring the clarity you crave and the confidence you’ve been missing. You can always course-correct later depending on how things go. But sitting back and waiting for that “aha” moment won’t work. You don’t wait for “aha” moments, you create them.

Here’s another resource for you. I made a guided meditation on this exact topic and it’s called Manifest Your Ideal Career. It’s for sale right now on my website for only $10 and it walks you through this process to change your thoughts and open up your intuition. I recommend doing it every day for a period of time until you feel a shift happening where you’re no longer saying you don’t know, and you feel stuck. Go to: www.careeruprising.com/store to check out that meditation and others I’ve recently made. Relax and destress with these meditations and you will get unstuck and find your way!


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