Let’s face it—much of the job search is set up in the employer’s favor. Employers have access to reliable salary data through compensation surveys, and they often have hundreds of applicants to choose from for just one posting. Unless you possess some very rare and specialized skills, it’s typically up to the job seeker to get the employer’s attention, and not the other way around. Improving your resume and your strategy with a coach is an excellent way to expedite your results.

Some people claim that it's cheating to have someone else write your resume. The notion that hiring a resume writer or career coach is cheating is completely absurd. Is it cheating for an athlete to use an athletic coach? Or for a vocalist to use a vocal coach? Job searching and resume writing are skills that needs to be learned. How are you going to learn it if you don’t have a teacher?

Here are my top three reasons for getting help in your job search...

  1. Writing is a unique skill. Many of my clients say that they reason they hired me is because they aren’t confident in their writing. Writing is a specific skill that not everyone has, and that’s okay. Allowing me to write your resume based on the information you provide, will save you time and frustration and it will increase your interview requests.
  2. You’ll gain “inside” knowledge. Most career coaches come from recruiting or managemen. I come from both. This means that I have hands-on experience in the hiring process that will prove incredibly valuable to you in your search. Time after time, clients say that they are excited about their search after working me. They feel so confident in their resume and interviewing skills that they are actually looking forward to using them!
  3. You can’t be objective about yourself. It’s very hard for people to write about themselves without feeling like they are bragging or exaggerating. By allowing someone with an outside perspective (and hiring experience) to do the writing, you’ll gain clarity that you didn’t have before.

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