It's a new year and for many...that means a new career or job search. If that's you, you're in good company. This is one of the most popular times to job search. As I coach whose worked with 200+ clients, I see job seekers with various levels of knowledge and comfort when it comes to how to navigate the modern job search. I see the differences between those are successful and those who just complain and bad mouth recruiters all day and wonder why they aren't employed.

If you are planning to change jobs this year, consider what's changed in the last few years.

The 2019 job search is...

Digital. We all know how much online job boards have the changed the search process. But the onset of this technology doesn't give you carte blanche to go dump your resume on every job board. If you already have, I forgive you. So have millions of others. (I used to do it too.) The best use of technology in your job search is for connection. Staying in touch with bosses, colleagues, and customers. These are your future champions that will refer you for open positions. Referrals always have been, and still are, the MOST PREFERRED HIRING METHOD. LinkedIn, Facebook and so on have revolutionized how we stay in touch, make new connections, and even where we perform our work. The sooner you embrace the digital transformation, the better off you'll be.

Social. If you don't have a LinkedIn profile, you're behind. And it goes beyond LinkedIn, even Google and Facebook have joined the job search arena each launching their own posting tools. You need to assume that employers can see your total social media presence (hint: they usually can.) As someone who still actively recruits, I can tell you that this is true. Don't like social media? Me either, that's okay. At a minimum, have a full and thoughtful LinkedIn profile that you use for networking and company research and then leave the rest.

Creative. The 2019 job search is about standing out from the crowd, not conforming to resume "rules." A modern resume or LinkedIn profile should be conversational, creative and unique. A unique resume reads more like a personal narrative than a business document. The clients who embrace this will be the most successful. Likewise, the clients that cling to the old, still and cliched scripts (i.e. "Proficient in MS Word" and "References Available Upon Request").

I'm going to challenge you to go beyond conventional wisdom in 2019. Go beyond just having a resume online. Get creative. Make connections. Go to industry events. See and be seen.
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